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Wow Ideas to Surprise Your Brother with Glorious Bhaidooj Celebration

Bhaidooj is a grand ceremonial event to strengthen the brother-sister bond eternally. While on the Raksha Bandhan, the brothers take a vow to protect the sisters against all adversities, on this occasion, the sisters step forward to perform pooja to pray for long life and happiness of their brothers.

One of the Most Memorable Festivals in India

This festival is known by different names in various regions in India and Nepal (where it is called Bhai Tika). In Bengal, the festival is observed as Bhai Phonta or Bhratri Dwitiya. In Maharashtra and Gujarat, this day is termed as Bhau Beej and Bhai Bij respectively. This occasion is also called Yama Dwitiya based on a famous belief in the Hindu Mythology that Yama- the God of Death visits his sister Yamuna- the holy river when she performs the custom to put tika on his forehead.

Decorate Your Home

Everything should be very pleasant all around the home to rejuvenate the festive mood. You can order Bhaidooj flowers in a vase to place them in the living room for a sweet aromatic ambiance. Some people put toran or door hangings at the entrance of the house to keep evils away.

Pooja and Offerings

In the morning, you can keep a fast for your brother. On this day, people take bath very early morning to conduct the pooja. Arrange the pooja samagri on the thali. Put a diya (lamp), some assorted traditional Bhaidooj sweets, roli, chawal (rice) on the thali to perform the ritual. Bengali girls arrange things on a kulo where unhusked paddy seeds, sandalwood paste, kajal, diya and sweets are essential pooja items. In Nepal, the tika is performed with seven colors.

Give Presents to Your Brother

The tradition of exchanging bhaidooj gifts is the most exciting part of this ceremony. The brothers and sisters wait impatiently to unleash the astonishing presents so adorably chosen particularly for them. You can give so many things to your brother- apparels, grooming set, sunglasses, watch etc. Anything you give in the gift hamper should be of utility and value to him.

Include Appetizing Indian Dishes in the Menu for Lunch

After the pooja, everyone is very tired and hungry. It is the time to satisfy the taste buds with mouth-watering recipes from the Indian kitchen. You can include pulao, puran poli, kheer, Moongdal with peas, malai koftas, etc. You can include gulab jamun, jalebi, and other luscious sweets in the menu to complement the desserts.

What if you are Away from Your Brother?

It is extremely sad for the brothers and sisters who are unable to meet on this auspicious day to do the rituals. Several women staying abroad or at a distance from their brothers send Bhaidooj gifts to India with prayers that they remain safe from all adversities in life.

How to Cheer up Your Sister on Bhratri Dwitiya?

The sisters do so much to organize wonderful celebrations on this day. It can be a sweet gesture to give her something to bring smile on her face. Nowadays the brothers can also send return Bhaidooj gifts to their sisters.

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